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Latest insights and trends in Personal Analytics, Operational Intelligence, and Workplace Productivity.

Aug 27
Omnicontext Systems: Access to Native Android Functions in Web Apps

Here at Hypersoft, we are excited to announce a new app for developers of mobile web applications.

Omnicontext Systems: What it does?

Omnicontext Systems is a mobile app that makes Android API functions available to web applications running on the device.

Who needs this?

Developers of web applications are often constrained by the limited functionality when compared to native mobile apps. With the creation of service workers in modern browsers many functions have been added, but some critical ones, such as access to the device file system or even simple DNS queries, are still missing. Omnicontext systems makes them available to (progressive) web applications, so more feature-rich apps can be created as PWAs.

What are the current features?

The app acts as a web service, providing locally run browser service workers with a web socket API, which maps to required native Android functions. The initial release includes read and write operations on the local file system, IP connectivity commands, and DNS lookup and update queries. There is also a capability for the user to create new functions as necessary.

What is n development?

Hypersoft will soon release the PWA version of Omnicontext Cloud app for distributed private file storage, leveraging the new Omnicontext Systems app. Omnicontext Cloud is already available for Windows, and with the new PWA it will expand to Android phones and tablets.

Omnicontext Systems app is available on the Google Play Store here.

Have a question?

Visit our website at to get a better overview of how it works.

For additional information, you can always contact us on twitter at: @omnicontext or on our website here


Aug 20
​How Cloud computing is changing our lives

In the last few years, we have seen an impressive increase in the usage of Cloud services. Just to put some numbers the entire Cloud Market was worth a whopping 312 billion in 2020, and the projections say it will grow by a third by the end of 2027.

Cloud service can be divided for  the different purposes and application used for, and there are 3 main implementation:

  • SaaS – System Infrastructure Software.
  • Paas - Platform as a service.
  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a service.

Paas is a software distribution model aimed to help mostly business with the access of resources (tools hardware etc) through the cloud.

Paas is the usage of some sort of cloud network to consume something, for example streaming platforms like Netflix.

And finally, we have Saas a type of cloud computing service that offers essential compute, storage, and networking resources on demand.

In the last category, we can find consumer focused Cloud Storage services such as DropBox, Google Drive and iCloud.

Now you would ask why I mentioned this. At Hypersoft we have tried to give an alternative to our clients, to use the cloud while not using the cloud! How?

Well, the technology at the foundation of Omnicontext Cloud is called Enclosed Cloud but it doesn't need any service or extraneous computer power.

What is an Enclosed Cloud?

An enclosed Cloud is a storage system that doesn't require to upload files anywhere else other than your devices. This technology creates a safe and private network among your devices.

This means that all your data will be synched by using the free space on the hardware you own instead of relying on a third-party server. That's why is called Enclosed Cloud. Photos, videos or documents that might be sensitive are always safe between the walls of your home.

But how the devices interact with each other? Thanks to an internet domain the devices will result in the same network, and then the DNS are going to locate all the devices in the cloud, you can run your own DNS server or use any existing internet domain providers.

All the connections are P2Ps and therefore files never stay in an intermediary unknown location, decreasing possible vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the complete history of the data in an Enclosed Cloud is registered in a blockchain. Files version is tracked to an extent that is always possible to monitor previous changes in the infrastructure, which also guarantees the correct integrity of the files.

For additional info visit our website dedicated to Omnicontext Cloud. Here.

Aug 14
Omnicontext Cloud the new way of Cloud Storage

What Is Omnicontext Cloud?

Omnicontext Cloud is a new application that creates an enclosed, safe and private network among your devices without the necessity of an external online cloud service.

This means that all your data will be synched by using the free space on the device you own, with complete access and no restrictions on it.

What are the advantages of Omnicontext Cloud?

  • COSTS: You are not renting limited space on a server, therefore, you can spend as low as the price of the hardware you are using for storage, guaranteeing the lowest price-per-GB on the market.
  • PRIVACY: Cloud Services scan your files as soon as you upload them on their servers, to check for content against the terms and conditions. Omnicontext Cloud doesn't need that as we simply don't have your files. Your data belongs only to you.
  • SECURITY: If you use Omnicontext Cloud you won't wake up one day to the surprise of data loss from your cloud service because of an hackers' attack or a fire. Your personal docs, images, videos or any important data you possess exist only on your devices inside the walls of your house and nowhere else.

How it works?

Omnicontext cloud uses DNS to locate all the devices in the cloud, you can run your own DNS server or use any existing internet domain providers. At this point, the software just needs to locate a root folder to sync with the other devices.

If you don't have any of the above, don't worry, we provide a DNS service completely free of charge. ​​​And… that's it! A little Icon will show you whenever the folder is syncing and you are ready to go. Easy, right?

What's next?

Omnicontext Cloud is in continuous evolution, so expect some exciting news in the near future! Subscribe to our Socials to know what's going on in the upcoming releases.

For any additional queries feel free to contact us HERE​ or send a private message.


Jul 22
5 Things To Do The First Weeks Of Using Personal Analytics

1-      Realizing how much time you spend on social media

At first, I was not realizing how much time I was spending on social media and connecting with other people: for me, it was normal unlocking my phone hundreds of times and reply to messages and emails at any moment of the day. With Personal Analytics I realized that the time I was spending doing that was a lot more than what I expected. You may not realize that actually replying to texts takes time, you may say “oh it is just a minute", but the sum of these minutes at the end of the day is quite high.

2-      Understanding whether you are spending too much time on meetings

It might be possible that you are investing too much time on meetings and not enough on what you need to do. This was often happening to me: I was spending my time on meetings that were not useful to me and slowed me down; at the beginning of the week I got some little delays and at the end of the week these delays become huge. With Personal Analytics I could select important meetings from the ones I could avoid, in order to concentrate more on my tasks and get things done right in time.

3-      Optimizing your movements

No matter how you are going from one place to another, it requires time anyway. I was a little bit shocked after seeing my report at the end of the month, I was using so much of my time going from one spot to another, so I decided to figure out a solution. I selected the places where I was often going during the month and I tried to combine multiple things together. Thus, if I needed to go to the bank and it was near to my place of work, I would have gone there after work or in my lunch break, so I did not need to come back on my days off.

4-      Setting your objectives

I started writing down my objectives long time ago, but I lost so many pieces of paper and always forgot about the objectives written on them – with Personal Analytics I could set my goals and there is no chance I could forget about them, every time I open the app they are there, staring at me. Objectives are different for everyone, mine were very simple at first. After a while I wanted to achieve more and to challenge myself. I understood that many times I could not be sure about my progress because I had no data that showed my improvements. Personal Analytics made it possible: the app shows me clear images about me and my activities, so I can see for myself my personal growth.

5-      Take your time

Take your time to improve: these changes in life are never easy or fast, they require time. Do not expect to see result in one week. I started to see some results after 2/3 months I was using the app, I first understood where I was losing my time, the unnecessary activities that were delaying me and the other data that were useful to me; finally I started making changes in my life.

Jul 13
Why Personal Analytics is Good for You

Nowadays, data are driving people´s lives: people track their fitness activity with smartwatches, use app to keep track of their budgets and finances or of the kilometers they walk each day. In any case, people are now used to keep track about themselves.

Business or personal analytics collect and analyses various data and provides valuable insights about personas such as areas of interest, mobility, daily activities, behaviors, social media activities and much more. Personal analytics is particularly helpful for self-knowledge and self-tracking. As business used analytics to improve performance since many years, and lately has been used a lot for personal use.
Many time people have just a vague idea of what they are doing, in order to have a clear and explicit pattern, data must be collected, and then, the individual can easily understand what the best moves are.

Personal analytics empower people because they can learn more about themselves: it not just help them to achieve various objectives, but also to improve their quality of life through self-awareness. The individual gains power as he/she exploit his/her own data to benefit across work and life (such as productivity, exercise etc.) With the help of technology, people are able to take better decisions about their lifestyle and improve productivity in the work place or at home.  

These are the reasons why Hypersoft Company decided to develop Personal Analytics app: easy-to-use, clear and efficient. If you are struggling with improving your time management skills and boosting productivity, Personal Analytics is the right app for your needs.

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