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Dec 31
Happy New Year and 5 Signs you Suck at Time Management

​​​​​images.jpgThe end of the year brings about a lot of thoughts about the concept of time. Did I make the right choices this year? What do I want to change or accomplish in 2015? These new year's resolutions are often boiled down to managing your time. If you believe you are a true master of time're wrong.

Here are 5 clear indications that you need to reconsider your time management approaches.


#1 You think that "Time Management" is about managing your time.

You could work extremely well, manage your time correctly, and still get nothing done throughout the day. The words "time management" implies that this is the overall goal or in other words what we are aiming to accomplish. Time management is a misnomer. What we really want to be managing is our efficiency in our work and personal life.


#2 You believe that Time Management is simple and all you need is some common sense.
While the idea itself might not be too complex, in order to practice efficient time management skills that produces positive results, it requires tremendous self-discipline and a self-tracking application that helps you make adjustments and measure results.


#3 You find yourself constantly saying "There's just not enough time in the day".
The truth is that there is enough time to accomplish all of your tasks if you have a plan of attack prior to starting. The true masters of time management know that the average person only works productively about 60% of the day. Truly productive workers can get more work done before lunch than most can in a single day, simply by being analytical of their working habits and making necessary adjustments aligned with their needs.


#4 You believe that if you work harder, your lack of time issues will simply go away.
Working hard and working smart are not always the same thing. This is a very common misconception that can lead to enormous gaps in efficiency throughout the workday. This common belief is also why many are working 60+ hour work weeks, but still remain inefficient.


#5 You believe procrastination makes you more productive.
While some studies show that people work better under slight pressure, many misjudge the actual limit of pressure and wait too long. Too much pressure due to procras​tination leads to counter productivity and can be deadly to your task at hand.


Happy New Year everyone!
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