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Nov 10
Tips in Modern Productivity Based on Self-Tracking
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 After most likely reading a million and one productivity tips online, I am going to present you with a few more. However, these tips derive from the arising trend of self-tracking and the quantified self movement. As new technologies allows a more precise readout on our working habits, the suggestions and recommendations from this data also become more accurate towards the individual.

#1 Do not feel too constrained to work the traditional 9-to-5 schedule. 

Gauge your "peak hours" of efficiency throughout the day and create a work day around that time frame. If you're most productive between 11:00am and 7:00 pm, work then. You need to find what times work for you, whether you are early bird or a night owl.

#2 Complete the most challenging project of the day first

so that you can tackle it when you're the most productive. Then move on to less challenging and smaller tasks.

#3 Place a greater focus on managing energy spent, more so than time spent.

Pay attention to how your energy levels vary throughout the work day. 

#4 Use appropriate communication tools.

If an email discussion leads to more than two emails per person, get on the phone or schedule a quick meeting or a Skype call. This saves everybody time.

#5 Try checking email in the afternoon

This way you protect the peak energy hours of your mornings for your best work.

#6 Run routines and follow strict daily routines.

Peak productivity's not about luck. It's about devotion.

#7 Get up at 5 am. Win the battle of the bed.

This is a classic efficiency tip that productivity gurus always come back to. The data showing that the world's leading business professionals are early risers can not be ignored.​

#8 Learn to say no occassionally.

Many motivated professionals enjoy taking on any challenge that comes their way. However, if we say yes to every task, our rate of accomplishments will significantly decline. This directly leads to the end of your elite productivity.

#9 Stop trying to multi-task.

A variety of resources over the years have shown research confirming that all of the distractions invading our lives are making it more and more difficult to stay efficient. Learn to develop the mental and physical discipline to have a singular focus on one thing until it is completed.

#10 Try working in intervals

Work in 90 minute blocks with 10 minute intervals to recover and refuel.

#11 Write a list of things not to do.

To be exceptionally productive is not only know what to do, but also what to not be doing throughout the day. Identify the negative factors that are consuming your time, and make an effort to cut them from your daily routine.

#12 Use your commute time.

 If you are like me and spend 30 minutes every day traveling to work, use this time to your advantage. I encourage you to find a simple task that you can complete routinely.

#13 Finish tasks correctly the first time around.

Our lives are filled with distractions everyday. These distractions lead to simple mistakes. To reah your maximum efficiency potential, become one of the few workers who have the mindset of doing what it takes to get it done right the first time. This could save you days of wasted time fixing easy mistakes.


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