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Oct 16
Ready, Set, Go!...or Not


Wearable gadget tells users if they are ready or not to exercise. 

That is the concept that Jaybird will be introducing into the world of wearables by the end of October. Just in case you thought there were not enough options of fitness wearables, this newly designed fitness tracker has the unique feature of being able to tell you when you are most apt to begin some physical activity. Like many of the fitness wearables already on the market, Jaybird's Reign will still be able to record basic features such as sports and physical activity, sleep patterns and trends, etc., with the additional component of being able to calculate the most optimal time to begin your physical activity. They call this feature your "Go-Zone."​


My biggest problem with wearables today is still the same as it was when I first heard of the concept, and that is the accuracy of its data. The technology in today's wearable gadgets is nearly good enough, but not quite. Simple mistakes are frequently made and mind-blowing outliers are included in the device's tracking, providing flawed data. Although I thoroughly enjoy the wearable concept, and am in big support of self-tracking, too many times do I find my FitBit Flex telling me that I took 50,000 steps in an hour's time due to the vibrations on my steering wheel.

My second concern comes with the amount of effort users need to commit to in order to access the Reign's key "Go-Zone" feature. In order to get a readout, users are required to place their index finger on a sensor built into the device….for TWO solid minutes. Then the device will let you know if you are ready or not to be active and start exercising….something I feel I may be able to figure out myself.

Why it may be useful:ces-2014-reign-app-1.jpg

To date, supposedly this will be the most form-fitting wrist wearable gadget. It will be available in 8 different sizes that fits snug up against the user's wrist.  If it follows the quality of Jaybird wireless earbuds, it may be a comfortable transition from your rubbery Fitbit Flex.

The Jaybird Reign will also be more adaptable than other similar products. Unlike other wearables, this fitness tracker will automatically know what type of activity you are doing, whether it be running, swimming or bicycling.  

While the two-minute readout endurance to know if you are in your "Go-Zone" may be a hassle, the concept is crucial as far as self-tracking is concerned. Based off of your sleep trends and heart rate patterns, it will tell you how much sleep you will need in order to operate at full capacity for the next day. Essentially this will be the first fitness wearable of its kind, providing these types of recommendations and feedback on how to better make use of your time. Users will be able to better plan their day in regards to fitness and sleep. This time management feature, and how to be most productive, is the aspect most important for modern day self-trackers (i.e. everyone).

According to the Jaybird website, the Reign will be available everywhere November 1, 2014 for $199.


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