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Sep 15
Top 5 visited websites during work (And are they productive?)

If you find yourself thinking that there are certain websites that you just could not live without, you are not alone in this presumption. Even during the workplace we find ourselves wandering across sites that may or may not be a productive use of our time. Here are the T​​op 5 visited sites at the workplace:


​​Deezer and Le Figaro rained in at a tie accounting for 2% of sites visited during work.

5        Deezer téléchargement (2).jpg

In my opinion, this site could easily be justified as a productive use of time. Certainly there is a limit to how much time of the day is spent on a music site, however I am a big advocate of music being an inspiration, in both personal and professional life.

5        Le Figaro téléchargement (3).jpg

With a sizeable amount of OmniContext users either residing in France or speaking French, it is not surprising that this site makes the Top 5 list of websites visited during work. Being a major news publication in France, it is very common that employees check the news first thing in the morning. I do not see this as too much of a concern for companies so long as this ranking stays at number 5 and does not increase. Employees who are concerned with the goings-on in the world are generally well rounded individuals and should be considered an asset within the company.

4       LinkedIn images (2).jpg

LinkedIn comes in at 2.34%.  In certain cases, employees using LinkedIn could be beneficial in expanding your brand image. However, many reports show there is little benefit for the company when employees use LinkedIn at the work place.  Some people claim that they actually look for another job while at work; updating profile info, touching up profile pics, sending CVs/Resumes, etc.

3        YouTube images (1).jpg

With 3.62% users on YouTube, this could be assumed as 100% counterproductive. We could argue back and forth about certain cases where YouTube (or other similar sites) are justified in the work place, however we should consider that the majority of the time these types of sites are not contributing to the growth of the company.

2        Facebook téléchargement (1).jpg

With 6.25% of sites accessed being Facebook, this statistic could possibly be justified as work related, or it could very easily be called a waste of productivity. It is a jagged line drawn in the sand as many companies nowadays use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to boast their marketing efforts. Whether or not Facebook could be deemed as productive really is determined by your job title. If you are not in the marketing or public relations department…..chances are you could make better use of your time doing something else.

1          Google images (3).jpg

To top it off, 13.02% of the websites used during work are Google related. This is easily justified  as productive as Google's search engine can be, and often is, used for professional purposes. Google has spared us the exhausting journey of heading down to the library to find information. With an ability to provide quick-access information, Google should be used as an irreplaceable tool in the workplace.

What other websites do you find yourself drawn to during work? Let us know in the comment section.

​*These statistics were based off of a multi-national study by Hypersoft, Inc. with OmniContext Personal Analytics. You can download OmniContext here.


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