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Jan 22
Super Bowl XLIX Analytics: Advantage


With Super Bowl Sunday raining down upon us like an air raid of American madness, many of us are constantly trying to find better ways to follow our favorite players' stats and improvements. Every year a sizeable amount of football fanatics exchange quite a bit of money throughout the football season in the form of betting. With an estimated $​​​​​​​50 billion wagered between the NFL and college football seasons (legally and illegally), there are a myriad number of ways in which you can bet on teams, players, game outcomes, and more. Many times you could make a random prediction and still win, however the smarter betting man looks at the numbers. Numbers do not lie.

Many of us this season will purchase or subscribe to stat trackers that follow players' every movement. The team coaches are the first ones to scrutinize this information, always trying to find even the smallest incremental improvements in performance.

Taking this idea even further, there are now apps/programs like LegUP Analytics that track players' vitals, plays, movements, through GPS-enabled jerseys, concussion management systems and other high-tech systems. This particular program even provides feedback of how to improve on these statistics. LegUp founder Anthony Blake has stated that their "current tool and planned roadmap are built around the entire process of leading a team through a game — including decision making, personnel management, locating/understanding trends and communication…" Leg Up Analytics is all about improving personal and team performance on the field, giving its users a significant advantage over the opponent.

LegUP Image One.png

Now what if we could apply that idea in a more general sense, to the majority of the population? Not all of us our considering professional sports as our career choice, however this idea reminded me of the personal productivity enhancing program OmniContext. Much like LegUP Analytics, it is able to track your efficiency while you work and show where there is room for improvement to better progress toward your goals. In a very similar manner, the program focuses on decision making, personal management, identifies trends through self-tracking, and communication as well.  

Our opponents in life may not be 300 lb. offensive linemen, but instead they are our colleagues, our business competitors, our peers, and maybe even our family members. Everyone shares a similar desire in life to truly be the best they can possibly be, achieve their highest potential self, and fulfill their goals. OmniContext allows its users to do just that. It is the review of every play, it is the pep talk in the locker room, the encouragement from teammates, and the highest performing coach that will help you win your personal Super Bowl in life, whatever that goal may be.

 "Call the perfect play. Make adjustments. Substitute. It's all about performance. Your performance." –as stated on​


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