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Aug 28
Think Twice Before Biting Into The Apple


Get ready to hand over your wrist… will soon be the property of Apple, Inc.

With 2014 being called such terms as the Year of Fitness Trackers, Wearable Tech, Quantified Self, there are still surprisingly many consumers unaware of the self-tracking technology trend. Well, this will soon no longer be a concern as Apple, Inc. is about to catapult wearable products into the mainstream. 

It was just recently announced that Apple is officially holding an event on September 9th where there is much speculation of a new wearable tech line coming out; cue the iWatch. If this is true, we should be ready for the catalyst of this type of technology as certainly this will become a new "must have" product.

Believe it or not, wearable tech has been available for quite some time now. However, it has not been until 2014 that this trend has been slowly catching the public eye. One concern for the new quantified-self movement is the lack of information for people who do not already know what it is. However, once Apple jumps on board it will be a whole different ball game.

Apple has been the gateway of technology for decades, but did not really grasp the role as a modern day tech pioneer until the release of the first generation iPhone in 2007. Ever since, the technology empire has not ceased to wow consumers with its high-quality products and extraordinary marketing techniques. Therefore, if Apple does decide to take on this new self-tracking innovation, I would not be surprised if they take the reins and drive it into the mainstream. Today it seems like wearable tech is primarily being used my athletes, spokespeople, gym fanatics, and techies. This is mainly due to the fact that people are not entirely aware why these products should be used and the benefits they could have for the individual consumer. Apple is surely about to change all of this while spoon feeding us the facts with its well-known reputation for jaw dropping and mesmerizing ads.

Should we buy into the hype? Android or iOS wearables?


Since the recent announcement of the Apple event, technology publications has begun to make comparisons of already existing Android wearable products and what they think the iWatch features will consist of. Most are already claiming Apple as the victor, but I am not convinced. 

It's apparent that Android has been the only acknowledgeable competitor to iOS in products such as smartphones, tablets, and now wearable technology gadgets. Last year Time Magazine published a report of separate studies conducted, showing that Android market share (smartphones and tablets) was significantly larger than that of iOS products, in both the US and global markets. In essence, this shows that people are perfectly content with their Android products. If we take an already released example of an Android smartwatch (such as the Samsung Gear line), we can take an estimated guess of what the iWatch will be like. In my opinion, for the average everyday user it will be a similar comparison say, as your iPhone to your buddy's Android operated smartphone. They will obviously have a different operating system, different apps, and a few separately unique features, but ultimately be able to serve you with the same functionalities. Considering this, is it going to be worth the huge mark-up in price just to have the new "must have" Apple product?  I would say wait and see. There are already so many great apps and programs to help you track your info, provide feedback, and allow you more productive time with your day. Just check out OmniContext, and you will quickly see what this hype is all about.​


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