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Aug 26
Personal Analytics Gets A Wake-up Call

Being born and raised in California, you could say I have experienced my fair share of earthquakes. Frankly, they've become second nature to me and more of an annoyance than a worry. That being said, every once in a while a big one will hit that makes even Californians stop and say "Damn, that was one hell of an earthquake!". Last Sunday was one of those, and although I was not there to witness, my social media accounts were quickly flooded with posts to let me know what​ I had missed. The 6.0 tremble on the Richter scale hit at approximately 3:20am Pacific Time, waking most locals from their sleep. Having friends up and down the state, I was fascinated to see that the data team at Jawbone wrote an analytical report on Jawbone UP wearers in the San Francisco Bay Area, showing statistics of how many people woke up during the quake and their proximity to the epicenter. ​​

To see the full analysis, check out the Jawbone graph below or clic​k here to read their findings. Also, discover how self-tracking can drastically improve your life by checking out Om​niContext.

screen shot 2014-08-25 at 7.33.25 am.png

Fortunately no lives were lost, however I wish all my fellow Californians a safe recovery and speedy clean-up.


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