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Mar 07
Personal analytics for the weekend: biking through the data.

Hello folks,

I’m back again to share some thoughts with you before the weekend.

We all know that we are in a world of big Data. If you are reading this blog, it’s because somehow, you also have interest for that kind of stuff. I was speaking with a friend and the conversation brings us to an interesting point. Yes we are living in a world where more and more data are available. A data driven approach is the base of every scientific work. Today, this approach also show a lot of advantages for companies. But I am under the impression that there is a gap between use those information for companies/governments … and individuals! The state of mind, in this area, is more like “Yes, we can all access more data and information than we ever imagined—now what?”

As a child of the Generation Y, I’ve grew up with this world. For me, there is a huge interest in sharing personal data…. If they can improve your life! And this are for me several examples of good use of data to improve your life:

I am fan of internet. That’s probably the less secure place concerning your personal data. Even if I only share informations with the brands and website I like, one of the best example of good data sharing is with YouTube. I am keen on discovering new music. I was, several years ago, working with a friend as a DJ. The way YouTube explore my data is good because thanks to their algorithms, they are now able to present me what they call “suggested content” which is most of the time very nice! This is how I’ve been discovering new artists, songs and albums for the past 10 years.


Another example is for peoples who like to do jogging. I think you are all aware about bracelets, apps and others connected devices that helps you to lose weight, run more or just share your achievements with friends on social networks.

But what if your data could serve a greater purpose? This is the kind of approach I really like and I found this: The Copenhagen wheel.

The base of the project is quite interested, even if it’s not directly related to data. It’s all about capturing the energy you produce when biking and give it back to you when needed. Interesting but it’s not all! The Copenhagen Wheel also have ability to collect and share the road you take, number of kilometers you’ve done…. And others useful information such as pollution levels, traffic congestion and road condition in real time. This can be share with friend in social networks or for general information concerning environmental information.



Concerning Personal analytics:

Personal Analytics is an innovative handy tool to make sure our wants are aligned with our daily activities. Simple to use, it keeps a track record of your actions, letting you know whether your goals are being achieved and you eventually gain new bonus level. Both, for your personal life, education, or for new career opportunities.

Personal Analytics.png

Have a good weekend,



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