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Aug 27
Omnicontext Systems: Access to Native Android Functions in Web Apps

Here at Hypersoft, we are excited to announce a new app for developers of mobile web applications.

Omnicontext Systems: What it does?

Omnicontext Systems is a mobile app that makes Android API functions available to web applications running on the device.

Who needs this?

Developers of web applications are often constrained by the limited functionality when compared to native mobile apps. With the creation of service workers in modern browsers many functions have been added, but some critical ones, such as access to the device file system or even simple DNS queries, are still missing. Omnicontext systems makes them available to (progressive) web applications, so more feature-rich apps can be created as PWAs.

What are the current features?

The app acts as a web service, providing locally run browser service workers with a web socket API, which maps to required native Android functions. The initial release includes read and write operations on the local file system, IP connectivity commands, and DNS lookup and update queries. There is also a capability for the user to create new functions as necessary.

What is n development?

Hypersoft will soon release the PWA version of Omnicontext Cloud app for distributed private file storage, leveraging the new Omnicontext Systems app. Omnicontext Cloud is already available for Windows, and with the new PWA it will expand to Android phones and tablets.

Omnicontext Systems app is available on the Google Play Store here.

Have a question?

Visit our website at to get a better overview of how it works.

For additional information, you can always contact us on twitter at: @omnicontext or on our website here



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