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Jul 22
5 Things To Do The First Weeks Of Using Personal Analytics

1-      Realizing how much time you spend on social media

At first, I was not realizing how much time I was spending on social media and connecting with other people: for me, it was normal unlocking my phone hundreds of times and reply to messages and emails at any moment of the day. With Personal Analytics I realized that the time I was spending doing that was a lot more than what I expected. You may not realize that actually replying to texts takes time, you may say “oh it is just a minute", but the sum of these minutes at the end of the day is quite high.

2-      Understanding whether you are spending too much time on meetings

It might be possible that you are investing too much time on meetings and not enough on what you need to do. This was often happening to me: I was spending my time on meetings that were not useful to me and slowed me down; at the beginning of the week I got some little delays and at the end of the week these delays become huge. With Personal Analytics I could select important meetings from the ones I could avoid, in order to concentrate more on my tasks and get things done right in time.

3-      Optimizing your movements

No matter how you are going from one place to another, it requires time anyway. I was a little bit shocked after seeing my report at the end of the month, I was using so much of my time going from one spot to another, so I decided to figure out a solution. I selected the places where I was often going during the month and I tried to combine multiple things together. Thus, if I needed to go to the bank and it was near to my place of work, I would have gone there after work or in my lunch break, so I did not need to come back on my days off.

4-      Setting your objectives

I started writing down my objectives long time ago, but I lost so many pieces of paper and always forgot about the objectives written on them – with Personal Analytics I could set my goals and there is no chance I could forget about them, every time I open the app they are there, staring at me. Objectives are different for everyone, mine were very simple at first. After a while I wanted to achieve more and to challenge myself. I understood that many times I could not be sure about my progress because I had no data that showed my improvements. Personal Analytics made it possible: the app shows me clear images about me and my activities, so I can see for myself my personal growth.

5-      Take your time

Take your time to improve: these changes in life are never easy or fast, they require time. Do not expect to see result in one week. I started to see some results after 2/3 months I was using the app, I first understood where I was losing my time, the unnecessary activities that were delaying me and the other data that were useful to me; finally I started making changes in my life.


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