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Jun 25
6 Tips to get rid of your Phone Addiction

​Since 1984, when mobile phones started to be commercially available, the number of mobile subscriptions has increased exponentially every year. Phone dependence has become a problem for many: in fact, mobile over-usage can cause physical and phycological issues.
An average person spends circa 3 hours per day on the mobile phone, moreover, 22% of people check their mobile phone every few minutes and 51% check it few times in one hour.
Two-third of the world is connected via mobile devices and 2.71 billion people in the world own a smartphone, these numbers are meant to increase. We know that is the era of technology but let's not over it.

It is not difficult to understand if you are addicted to your phone, check the following “symptoms" and answer honestly:

  • You feel anxious when your phone is not near you
  • You need to spend a lot of time on your phone to feel good or relaxed
  • You use your phone to change your mood (when you feel anxious you play a game on the phone)
  • Your phone is the first thing you look at in the morning and before going to sleep

If you related yourself with the description above, my friend, you have a phone addiction.

Luckily, there are few tips that can help all of us spending less time on our phones.

1. Smartly using technology to limit your technology use – There are tons of apps that can help you: apps that communicate to you how many hours you spend on the phone and notify you when your phone is taking too much of your time, what is your addiction level, what apps you use the most and much more.
Personal Facts is one of these apps, you can use the app to control your addiction and improve your habits.


2. Stop using your phone in bed and put your phone out of the bedroom – for doing that you will need a real alarm clock (yes, they still exist)

3. Turn off notification sound – and do not check on your phone every 5 minutes  

4. Delete useless apps – look for the bear necessities 

5. Put your phone into your bag when you are with someone – if you look at your phone while someone is talking is pretty rude

6. Take it slow – when you have your addiction under control start taking a one day off from your phone once in a while, it will be refreshing

Getting rid of an addition is never easy and it could be difficult the first week, but perseverance is the key to success. You will feel great not using your phone so much, you will be more present with your family and friends and you will appreciate the things you have instead of looking at things you may want just because you see them on social media.
Life is beyond your mobile phone.
You. Got. This.


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