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Latest insights and trends in Personal Analytics, Operational Intelligence, and Workplace Productivity.

Jun 03
Home Office & Personal Productivity

Working from home is a popular topic in these moments. Many of us never worked from home before but we were forced to adapt by the circumstances.

It is often challenging to be productive and understand how you could be more productive during your working day. I was struggling in understanding if I were productive enough and how I was managing my working day.

Although I followed tips on how to enhance my productivity when working from home, I needed something more than a comfortable chair and a nice spot in my house.

Omnicontext is the app that greatly helped me with this issue! The first step to improve your working habits is to see what are you doing wrong and then make changes. Omnicontext collects information from all your devices, process the information and shows you how you employ your time in the simplest way.

Personal Analytics.png 

Understanding how I was spending my time and my daily working habits has been the key to start working more efficiently. Once I knew the activities that were draining my time I was able to improve my daily productivity.

Do you know how you spend your time? Would you accept the situation and make improvements?

Try Omnicontext app and see with your own eyes!


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