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Mar 06
Three Reasons to Do It Yourself at Home and in Business

There is an apparent renaissance of do-it-yourself both in private life and in the industry. In private, people build their own furniture and cook at home instead of dining out. In industry, companies increasingly insource IT operations, manufacturing, and everything else. The reasons to do this are largely the same.

First and very obvious, doing it yourself is less expensive. Not just in money terms, but in the overall resources including time. It probably used to be different some years ago, but has changed with the today's equipment and technology. Taking the very typical case of cloud computing, Michael Dell has correctly pointed out that automation of operations makes on-premise solutions now less expensive in almost 90 % of all workloads.

Second, it actually improves agility. This may sound counterintuitive, the usual narrative used to be that you are more flexible using external services, right? The reality is different. With the external service, you acquire its procedures and regulations, and those are designed to be the same for all the customers like you. Just think of GDPR as one example, where substantial volumes of highly standardized documentation work reach well into the substance of your core business. Yes, you would still have to do this in your own data center, but you would have the choice of doing it your own way.

Third, cloud providers are not obliged to continue serving us forever. Same as your favorite restaurant can just shut down overnight because of a multitude of possible legitimate reasons. You may be able to get back your data, but the effort of setting up a new solution will probably largely surpass all direct costs of the required hardware or another service (if you still prefer to not do it yourself). Even your own device that you bought outright can become unusable if it depends on a discontinued cloud service (see Microsoft Band, which cannot be factory reset after the end of May).

We at Hypersoft have now a new product that is part of this big do-it-yourself trend. With Personal Files, you create and own your private cloud storage. Simpler than it would be with any cloud provider, less expensive, and nobody will be able to discontinue the service because of whatever reason. Works for business and at home, the only thing you need is your own Internet domain and a Hypersoft license.


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