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Aug 22
Modern working context, part two

On part 1, a few weeks ago, I tried to make an inventory of events which can interrupt your work for good or bad reasons. For each of them, I gave a description and I tried to estimate how many times a month they can appear. Obviously, this is a simulation and numbers depend on each of us.  I hope this part 1 was a starting point for your own thinking. If not, I really advice you to start having a look at your own context and habits. This is also important to talk about this with workmates to have a better vision of yourself.


Reading part 1 main inventory pushes us to ask a simple question. How much events can interrupt me? Let's have a look at this simple table now.



First conclusion is it is almost impossible to spend a single hour without being interrupted, whatever your efforts are.

Also, most of them are very little event like, receiving a notifications, which is about a second. But this little second breaks your concentration, forces you to think about something else, and pushes you to spend energy to go back to your main topic.

Most of them depend on you and your habits. Modern electronic devices do not help. Start to tidy up your working context. Give up and forget what you prevent you from being productive. 


Fortunately, OmniContext TM Personal Analytics provides some specific reports about this free time you can have, but considering simple electronic events (mails, communication, …) Indeed we have no way to know something about you and each time you put your headphones on your head. If you have bad feelings about your productivity, you can start having a look on our reports and you can make your own report. After that, try your own experiments to make things change. Use our reports again, and check progress you make, every day.

 Make your life easier, use  OmniContext TM Personal Analytics.


Interruptions may be helpful

Quite often, those "interruptions" actually point us to what is going on outside of our little comfortable world. I can be working on an amazing concept to make Christmas business for the company and not even pay attention to my calendar showing January. If someone interrupts me to bring that up, it would in fact be very helpful...
Picture Placeholder: Serguei Dobrinevski
  • Serguei Dobrinevski
 on 11/25/2018 7:14 PM
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