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May 21
Health calculations

A scientist from London Goldsmiths University, Patrick Fagan, have investigated an influence of an artistic event, like a concert, on our life and have found that 20 minutes of such emotional boost increases our well-being and happiness by 21%. It is quite a lot, because for example, yoga session of the same duration gives just 10% life comfort increase and walk with your dog only 7% of better life. So even ancient mystic relaxation accompanied by man's best friend doesn't beat what we get from joining other enthusiasts to share art performance. It is not sure if admiration of art's beauty is the key element here, community with people of similar attitude or overwhelming rush of emotions caused by the whole event.

That is not just a short-lived effect, fading before next workday's morning, because it was confirmed many times by other investigations that feeling really good let us live longer.  Meticulous calculations were performed, assessing that going twice a month to a concert give us extra 9 years of life! Nearly a decade!


I remember my times of attending concerts and music festivals frequently, but thinking of them in terms of health care, made me a bit worry. I do not think that a beer every once in a while would pose some serious threat, especially that music was always first, so consciousness have to stay unaffected, but in clubs cigarettes had to take their toll, even if I was a passive smoker only.
But when it comes to really enjoying some hard rock or metal music concerts, you have to be ready for some serious threats. If you are really into such music, then a headbanging dance is a must, not mentioning stagediving and so called crowdsurfing, when you flow on people's hands - these are experiences you never forget. Most of these, however, carry some risk of injuries and makes your brain get bruised in a skull, like you were boxing, so doctors all agree it doesn't make your life longer.
Then a noise comes and it is not limited to metal genre. Electronic music can be even louder but today almost every kind of music can be made into something you feel really deep in your bowels. It does not only cut your life shorter slice by slice, but causes hypertension that makes living the rest of it harder.
At that moment I start to wonder if some music fans would really make it, if not thanks to the lifesaving benefits of many, many events...  

Even choosing other kinds of music, more peaceful and quiet, will not surely guarantee your life length's success, as most of such events happen at evenings and staying up late, even close to dawn in case of music festivals, deprive us of sleep which is a necessary component of healthy life. On the other hand there is also a danger of choosing it too quiet and boring, resulting in falling asleep – quite a healthy thing – but losing all this tremendous effect of the artistic event.

Of course not everybody wants to live longer. Some say that it's better to have interesting life than a lengthy one. Also not all of us want to fill it entirely with music. But feeling that our days are somehow numbered high above or in our internal clock, provokes us to fight that, adding a year this way and a month other way, beating what's written for us to show we are the ones in control.

But in this case you could count this time differently, momentarily, as the measure calculates quite simple: every single concert (at least if it happens reasonably often), comes with a bonus of one full day that doesn't count to your life's expected length. It's a free day that you choose by yourself and if you enjoy the event, you can have all this day to yourself. It's yours, no matter what will happen later. Time stops, just because you have decided for something unusual and stops especially for you, from midnight to midnight. It's like a fairy tale that music plays for you.​

In the meantime scientists will discover all kinds of new gains and losses for you, Personal Analytics™ will count them and show you in predictions and totals. You will have a look at them and make them work for you. Next day. Because you have a free day. Really, fully free day out of the rest of your life.


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