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Jan 30
Personal Places
Another GPS tracking app, I guess that is what you are thinking now, right? This is not false. So why Hypersoft has just released a new app about GPS tracking? Answer is easy and it brings us some reasons to check out Personal Places as soon as possible. 

First things first, let's describe the process:

Yes, exactly, this is fast and easy. You have access to:
  • your daily journeys​
  • the daily distance you made

Hypersoft made some efforts to keep everything easy avoiding heavy configuration steps and interface manipulations.

Main screen


How and when should I use Personal Places?

  1. Past month, you went to this store, it was great, but where is it? You do not remember enough to tell to your friends or family. Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  2. You did this wonderful trail on a Sunday afternoon, you want to share it using your favourite social network? Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  3. You want to replay your vacation with your family showing them the whole journey across Europe? Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  4. You are proud of your performance you made when you went out for this running challenge. Why don't just share the distance you made with your friends? Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  5. You may want to complete your monthly activity timesheet with some journeys and distances. This is an easy and good way to show your boss your past month engagement. Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  6. You went out of your work to meet come clients. Complete your report and the results you got with the whole journey. Improve it scheduling next meetings. Answer is “Use Personal Places"

Personal Places just complete your life and your work with precise journeys and distances. Considering how easy it is to use, will you find a good reason not to use it?

Hypersoft Personal Apps Family

Personal Places is the latest release of this growing Hypersoft Personal apps family.


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