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Jan 05
Florida remote work experience

Laptops, smartphones & Wi-Fi generalization arrived with some new work habits. Work-life balance has been shaken. Work from home, transport, beach … Wherever you can, you want, you have to. During nights, days, holidays, week-ends, … whenever you can, you want, you have to.​​

Hypersoft, as a major actor of new work trends, has to understand before anyone else how professional behave, work, evolve. This knowledge allowed Hypersoft to produce Personal Analytics, dedicated on these subjects. This precious tool helps people to understand, to control their work, keeping their freedom and flexibility. Why we should have to justify something else than our fulfilled objectives and success? Keep working as you are used to and Personal Analytics will do the rest …

Obviously, to be the first understanding these new work habits, you can use theory or your imagination. Indeed, this is a good starting point. But can Hypersoft ignore practice? Is theory or imagination effective enough to reach solid conclusions? Of course not. As always, a study is valid as long as it is based on theory and practice. That is why, to confirm theory, it has been decided to send me to Florida, to practi​ce remote work. So let's take this plane, Paris-Miami and let's experiment remote work.

How to choose a place for remote work?

  1. ​You need a solid Wi-Fi connection
  2. A quiet spot is welcomed for all intellectual activity, like public or commercial libraries or houses
  3. Social scenes is ideal for creativity, ideas and promotion
    1. Fast-foods
    2. Coworking spaces
    3. Hotels & motels
    4. Restaurants
  4. Don't forget unusual places for fun first but also for shaking habits
    1. Beaches
    2. Cars
    3. Outdoor spots

Some good and concrete spots for working

​On a plane, first feeling, you can watch movies … or … why not taking a lead on work? Such a flight, Paris-Miami offers a good time window

​Beside swimming pool with comfortable weather is a good place to start your day with a hot coffee and sometimes, cat's help
​Some more usual places could make it
​Coral Springs library offers you everything you need for any intellectual activity which requires attention
​Sarasota's public library welcomes you with Wi-fi and a quiet place to work all along the day
​Sometimes, ideas come from unusual or freaky activities …
​After a good day of work, why not start taking advantage of the sunset and relax in Siesta Key Beach ​?


Wherever you are, whenever you work, work is work and has to be done. Finally, it's more a matter of motivation, attiitude and enthusiasm. 

Remote work :
  • adds a little spice in your everyday work
  • boost creativity
  • makes you connect with people
  • shakes your habits
All of this, combined with your data inside Personal Analytics, makes you keep control and credibility.

And if you are looking for a place to remote work, you still can go to Florida ... Need some advices, feel free to contact me.


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