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Dec 01
Personal Facts

Why Personal Facts?

Hypersoft has just released its latest app on Play Store, past week. This new app is entirely dedicated to smart phones time tracking and smart phones usage control. Indeed, don't you have one? Or maybe you have several of them? I am pretty sure that the first object you use each day is your smart phone. Just like me … right? Plus, you may be using intensively some devices for you work, all day long. For these reasons, Hypersoft decided to produce a special app focused on smart phones data. ​

So, please welcome Personal Facts



Principle remains the same and easy.​

Personal facts is easy, fast, precise


​Personal Facts makes the difference

Installing Personal Facts on all your smart phones, can you give a single and fast vision on all your devices. This fact is very important as you can measure efficiently your dependency on smart phones.



Personal Facts can send you some notifications if you use too much, from your perspective, your smart phones

Start having control


Facts and numbers

You may want to discover some interesting facts and numbers on Personal Facts site​.

Compare your self with our community​ ScreenShot2.jpg


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