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Nov 15
Autumnal motivations

As autumn comes fully in its dark reds, yellows and browns, in western countries three holidays come in the middle of it, all about people who passed away, but, as we prefer to believe, did not just vanish but rather changed form of their existence.

Astonishing is the spectrum of emotions which help us deal with this subject, surely a hard bit of life for everyone. Some of us pick what they prefer the most, but many of us are aware of them all.

I would attribute this red colours, sometimes even blood-bright reds to Halloween, coming at the eve of next days. It's more a festivity then a celebration and is the youngest one, I think, despite the ornaments and inspirations drawn from depths of all ages and beliefs. Not everybody appreciate it, saying it's improper for such serious matters to be turned into a grotesque, some even try to edify about familiarizing our youngsters with demons and all that dangerous stuff, but most of us think of it as fun, play and, sometimes scary but still pure joy. Yes, I know some find it hard to believe that horrors can be fun, but believe me, it can!
On the other hand, amount of effort that is put into costumes, parades and games this evening show that it cannot be just a trifling play. Fun is something that always allowed us to deal with more difficult matters and play is often a way of getting into major ventures. If you ever watched a dedication of a kid rolling stone equalling his weight across the whole yard, just to build a castle – you will never say that play isn't a serious matter. That is why, as productivity therapist, Neil Fiore advices in his great book The Now Habit – if you find things in your life too hard and overwhelming, get yourself a hobby. Don't say you have no time for that – let it remind you how things you do can be easy, give fun and pleasure. Hard things too. And it also applies for eternal matters.

All Saints' Day is all in different mood, let it be yellow or even gold, the high one, dignified, in full contrast to its eve. It is a Christian holiday, devoted, as its name shows, to all people that were raised to heavens. These are the ones valued and admired. Although these are the chosen ones, we believe everyone is able to become appreciated and respected. There is some prestige gained throughout the years of work in which all efforts are rewarded. We attribute it to parents, mentors, heroes and saints, seeing the best things they have done, but it reveals these are our dreams too. It's not for nothing, what we do all the time, it's worth it, because it makes us in some way greater. It's what we want to become.

As All Saints' Day is coming to its end, the oldest holiday comes, All Souls' Day, as brown as drying leaves and full of candles' lights. Pre-christian and early Christian in origin, it commemorates all people that are not here with us any longer, but still are in our memories; all people that spent time with us and somehow made themselves a part of us. For me it does not require any belief to imagine just this form of existence, but people often pictured them more realistic – souls stepping down to our world for the night between 1st and 2nd of November and leaving at next noon. Even if sometimes afraid of them, people were also caring: preparing food, making fires on graves and crossroads to warm them, but above all, remembering them and wishing them farewell. Just simple everyday things were enough to treat them, as it is with our life which is made of simple things we do and of people we do it with.

Do we need any other motivations? Have fun, have dreams and take care of your life until next autumn!​​


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