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Sep 01
The art of data selfie

​Why personal data collection is your power.

When we think about personal data collection, first that comes to our minds is forcibly collected cookies on the websites and stolen passwords of the credit cards. However, there is another side to this where instead of being a victim of, you own your personal data. The other day, I ran into the person who shares the same idea and what is more, acts upon it.

Data selfie is how she calls it. The artist with scientific approach, Ms Laurie Frick, takes piles of personal data in particular field and turns it into organized artistic patterns.

'I've been investigating the future of data about you, when it won't be odd or strange to intimately know and see lots and lots of personal data about yourself. Not creepy....helpful, curious, maybe mind-bending in its ability to predict and see around the corner into the future',- says Ms Frick as an introduction to her website​.

The truth of the future is that it was of the past: knowledge is power. Knowledge of self is awareness. Only the means of getting information has transformed as self-tracking is now the way to self-knowledge.

It is exciting to me how the concept of awareness through tracking Ms Laurie Frick applies, is very much matching the Personal Analytics benchmarks. 'It's become so easy to track our time, I use an app on my iphone that knows how often I touch the screen and how many minutes I looked at my phone today. Some days it's scary how many hours I spent online when I thought I was making stuff in the studio all day…'- says Ms Frick.

 Only think of how much more value would be added to one's life if data selfie depicted roots of his misfortunes. And that is what Ms Frick does. She makes time visible.

7 days of time tracking in leather and aluminum, data from the Multinational Time-Use survey, color coded by activity and quantity of time spent. 2015.

data selfie.jpg 

data selfie 2.jpg

“(c) 2015 Laurie F. Artist. All rights reserved"

Considering the patterns of time use Ms Frick addresses some important moment on how conscious we actually are about how we spend our time. Since we are what we do then unconscious time use patterns must hold a lot of information on the portrait of our inner-self.

When distrust that many feel towards any personal data collection and measuring is understandable, the reality is that the benefits of it are undeniable as long as you are ready to face true colors (or numbers when talking of Personal Analytics).

At one of the webpages Ms Frick invites you to imagine the reality where everything about you is known. Thrilling and scary at the same time isn't it. And her final thought is brilliantly simple: the biggest problem is that self-delusion becomes not possible anymore.

We cannot disagree on this, Ms Frick.


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