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Sep 28
About Community Discovering


My online activities

Today, it is decided, I make a list of my main daily activities on Internet:

  • Send/receive mails
  • Read articles
  • Listen to music
  • Watch videos
  • Comment posts
  • Build playlists
  • Share self-content (opinions, pictures, …)

Every one of us is able to produce such kind of a this list depending on his self, his experience, life, habits, priorities, etc. We use and we create data every day. Every single day, every one of us is precising his user profile by adding his latest electronic experience. We have been entered this web 2.0 and then this social network period. We are pushed to make connections, to create content, to "like" or to comment.

In a volunteer way or not, you leave traces and connections on internet.


Electronic similitude

Indeed, with an easy mail, I make connection with someone, famous or not. But let's be definitive, with Internet, I make connections all the time, with people, known or not from me, close or far. Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you

  • Watch all Indiana Jones series the same week,
  • Have a playlist with more than 90% of classical music,
  • Listen 12 hours in a row the same band,
  • Read articles about manga,
  • Browse do-it-yourself stores sites,

Makes you belonging to a group, an implicit community.

And I am not talking about connections made on purpose (friends, followers, address books …) which make you part of an explicit community.

Remember? Birds of a feather flock together.  Finally, it is so easy to understand. And it is so old. What is new is the fact that is so very fast! Why would you not accept it? Be proud of you, be proud of your communities.


All knowledge is ultimately, self-knowledge, Bruce Lee

Now I have the power to know to which communities I belong to, I should feel more relaxed and secure as it helps me to define myself easier. I can complete what I know about me with what I know about my communities. Obviously, having contacts with members of my communities and share information brings me a lot to learn about me and how I can react or manage different situations.

  • Self-knowledge boosts yourself.
  • Self-knowledge simplify your life.
  • Self-knowledge is an asset for your career.
  • Self-knowledge is power.



In order to bring to its users easy, fast and meaningful answers, Hypersoft is currently experimenting some Community Discovering algorithms. You may know more soon about existing logics or logics coming from weeks of research.

Our engineering team is currently computing performance scenarios in order to lower necessary time for calculation. Obviously, imagine how complex it is to determine the most realistic list of groups in a 200.000 people set. Yes, indeed, we are talking best combination among thousands and thousands and thousands … combinations, which is a lot to process.

So stay tuned.


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