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Sep 13
I can see clearly now
​Hypersoft, as a Cloud and Big Data specialist has invested some time, to provide to people and enterprises a new powerful way to make data talk. Yes, we collect data. Yes, we store data. Yes, ours customers have access to their data. Yes, our customers can access to tables, charts, etc. But is that enough? No.

Networks are everywhere every day. At work or not. How can they be neglected or forgotten?

Producing a graph displaying web feature; Hypersoft technical team is adding to OmniContext a new dimension and a new capability: Have a fast global vision to find a global answer in a few seconds just by checking a graph. Yes, for sure, a graph helps.

Need a proof?

Let's take this easy example. Imagine a worldwide company "aBcDeF". Like all, this company "aBcDeF" send and receive E-mails every day. I can guarantee to you, by just having a quick look at this graph below, you can have a global vision of the global mail traffic.
External is the biggest one. Good news! It was a specific objective given by the board, past year. Indeed, since Europe was the biggest traffic, it was decided to talk more with external world (providers, customers, distributors,…)

Obviously, values and details stay available with a simple click.

Big data should rhyme with fastest decision. They should and they will as it is our objective.

I think we all agree that it is easy and fast to decide for 4 nodes; isn't it? Let's try with something a little bit more complicated, 35 people exchanging mails between them.

3.jpgFYI, Hypersoft is, currently, working on graphs with more 200.000 nodes, which brings other challenges like performance.
Randomly put on a graph, it is hard to reach a definitive conclusion, isn't it? 

You want me to add edges? It will help for sure. OK, why not! Here they are.

Now, we all realize that nodes positioning makes sense even if something can be deduced. Graph with big volumes become hard to read and to understand very fast. That is why Hypersoft engineer's team is working on automatic nodes positioning algorithms to provide users several ways to display the same graph. 

Any conclusion, can be completed or precised, just changing the algorithm.

On September 2016, Hypersoft has already produced 8 algorithms and we made our best to make it evolutionary, by adding creating and adding new algorithm. We can consider it is just a beginning. We will have more and more possibilities to find the right display for all contexts. 

To finish, check out this same dataset with different positions ...

Circle Spiral
Half Circle Snail
Cluster 1 Cluster 2
Cluster 3 Random


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