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Mar 18
The end of the managers ?

Who can pretend that his job will still be existing in 10 years? Do we really have a choice? World is changing every single day, how we work, how we produce also. Having the best organization is a good leverage. What is sure is what is expected today to find a job and to have a good job. Skills below will be your favorite assets to have an exciting career:

  • Adaptation
  • Anticipation
  • Communication
  • Versatility
  • Team-working
  • Leadership
  • Empathy

Some of them, not to say all of them makes me think about what a manager must have, as skills. But … By the way, what a manager supposed to be or to do?  There are so many definitions, so many visions that it seems to be hard to have it definitely. I browsed the web and I liked this one:

"A manager or supervisor is someone who oversees a project and/or one or more members of staff. They are responsible for getting the job done and motivating people, whilst overcoming issues such as limited resources and time."

All skills above are necessary and are very welcomed to hope filling these responsibilities. But as we saw, and you can check by yourself, these skills are required for most of us, for most of the jobs.

There are several reasons for that.

  • It is a good way to stimulate you, letting you deduce that you are potential candidate to become a manager or to become more important, later
  • Short-term, priority changes and lack of vision on the future pushes recruiters to have flexible and profitable people, immediately
  • Manager role is losing its substance

Yes, I insist. Losing its substance … Let me tell you why

  • It is asked more and more to managers to engage themselves in operational tasks.
    • You can be the best manager in the world, it is absolutely useless if your company is not making money
    • It would be a shame not to take advantage of managers skills and experience in production, sales or marketing activities.
    • Managing 100% of your time, nowadays, does not show the brightest side of your work. It can't discredit you or your team (which is supposed to be independent)
  • Many companies have invested a large amount of money in business intelligence, communication, reporting, collaborative tools.
    • By their usage, manager's responsibilities are done automatically and implicitly
  • A company have to change fast, so it is necessary to lower as far as possible all obstacles and too much managers make it harder.
  • Team-working, brainstorming are claimed. Best ideas or profit sources don't come from managers, automatically, but by people, working intensively on production. Which credit can have a manager when his team is bringing more and more profitable material?
  • Authority vision has changed. Who can deny it? We are more influenced and stimulated by objectives rather than authority. Also, who really cares if you don't respect authority whilst you are reaching, by default, or exceeding your objectives?
  • Having too many managers add dependency to owners or CEO

Call all of it as you want, reality, trend or future. But let me give an advice to owners, who are supposed to be one step beyond from competition.


OmniContext TM Personal Analytics is bringing to every user a very useful information to make him, first, his own manager. Which means that he can have a better control on his own work to reach or exceed his objectives.

Associating this tool with a good communication and an intensive team-working makes people more involved and more recognized, so more stimulated. Obviously, OmniContext TM can also bring a global vision in order, for you, owner, to keep control and to prevent all excess.

This way, we, all, become managers by assuring a mix of operational, reporting and management tasks. That means that none of us is a manager. As always, all and nothing leads to the same conclusion.

Is it to tell that managers will disappear? Yes, or, at least, managers will become rarer and higher in the hierarchy.

Today, you're an owner, you need three things to be done:

  • Use skills listed above to recruit your staff
  • Forget about managing
  • Start using OmniContext TM Personal Analytics


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