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Jan 20
The World and Me
One is everywhere, since ever.
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One is even one the first word we learn, in our life.


What One can bring us about Analytics ?

I feel temptation to say everything, but I will limit myself to say that One can bring to all of us a key element. Maybe the most important or the most useful. But let's start from the beginning …

Contacts.jpgWe all have access to a lot of reports about communications, applications, web sites, location, etc … For sure, having access to history of what happened makes sense and it is often the first step.

Second step is to work on data to raise some conclusions by computing trends, averages, minimum …

Reality becomes clearer and clearer and objective having easy access to answers to these questions :

  • Who is most frequent correspondent?
  • Which is my favourite day for work?
  • When am I used to start working?

Also, having access to trends bring us a vision about the future

  • Is my time for communication growing ?
  • Am I starting to work earlier and earlier ?
  • Am I giving up this application ?
  • Is my decision about sending less mails a reality ?

Everything of it helps us to define ourselves at work, in an individual way.

Now, let's go back to our One. Just imagine that we are able (which is the case) to compute a pattern for your typical day at work.

In One day single, I :

  • Send 23 mails
  • Receive 34 mails
  • Give 12 phone calls
  • Receive 32 phone calls
  • I use my smart phone during 3 hours and 12 minutes

You can tell me : "Yes, Michel, it is true. That's me. And so what?" Also you can be satisfied of what you see. You can suffer of the situation. You can tell it on your favourite social network. You can complain …

Let's take this recent OmniContext daily Insight , we published on : "1h39min is the daily average time using smart phones, for all our users. Which is very far from these 19h42m a user spent, in one single day! What about you?"

I am sure you already understand me. Having an automatic and an easy vision with the Other can complete your vision of you, in a complete new way. And with this new vision, you can be pretty sure that your decision is one the best you can made.

  • Will you still be complaining receiving 34 mails a day if the rest of the world receive, individually, 73 mails a day ? I guess not …
  • Will you still be satisfied if you surf just one hour a day when everybody just spend 15 minutes ? I guess not …
  • Will you still be suffering working 9 hours a day if other people work 12 hours ? I guess not …

So I invite all of you to start using OmniContext. The more we are, the more we can define ourselves, together, taking advantage of us.

Always remember that Hypersoft respect privacy, protect  and do not sell your data. So do you still have any reason not to join us and not to take part of the next Analytics generation?


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