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Jan 17
OmniContext for Windows Desktop Update

Tomorrow we shall be releasing the first update of the desktop OmniContext application in this year. Some very important improvements are included.

OmniContext for desktop now supports notifications, which are fully compatible with the OmniContext mobile apps. The notifications will pop-up from the Windows tray icon each time you achieve selected goals. Minimal and maximal working time and communication time are already pre-configured, and more will be added going forward.

The tray icon itself is also new. It is available to make you aware of OmniContext being installed and active, and it opens direct access to the much simplified settings and to the Windows universal app accessing your personal analytics.

OmniContext can now directly connect to your business mailbox to collect e-mail communication data, meeting details, and Skype conversation history. In this version only the Windows integrated EWS access is supported, with POP3 option coming in the next couple of weeks.

Starting from this release we have implemented and activated the automatic updates function. All further updates will be conveniently distributed directly from our servers, and we expect them being much more frequent than last year. Many new exciting capabilities are in the works.


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