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Oct 21
21th of october 2015
I am realizing that we have a new registered user since a few minutes. Guess who he is !
Sir Emmett Lathrop « Doc » Brown, Ph.D.

Yes Doc may has just arrived today, on 21st of October 2015, as you know that he will for 30 years.

We are very glad to have him as a new user. He is so very special for all of us, for sure. We realize also that he did not lose time to register, as he has always been fascinated by innovation … He’s learning fast, isn’t he ? Learn how to use a smartphone, how to send a mail, etc … Things are not so easy for a people who never lived it. Fortunately, OmniContext do not bring any complexity to all of this.

Doc, please be welcomed, today and enjoy this new way of life, we have. And please, tell us your feed backs. Hypersoft has always been open to feed backs, on which we based our thoughts to build new features.

Obviously, everything of it is a joke, even if we would like it to be true. Doc is not one of our users but he is one of our friends, for all of us. Everything is a joke, except that OmniContext is really helpful. For instance, you should check one of our last features, the cost of your communication for your recipients. Time is money, we all know that. And as communicating (mails, meetings, …) is time, communicating is also money ! Check every day how much your communication costs for the previous day and realize the communication train of consequences.


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