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Oct 12
How bored are you right now?
In France, this last statistic has arrived and, again, it is hard not to know it. Everybody is talking about it.

We already knew that executive people spend like 16 hours by week in meetings.

New buzz is that 74 % of executive are bored during meetings.

What a buzz!

As I like to play with numbers, let’s play for a while right ? It is not so complicated. As I am lazy boy, not in a meeting but just lazy, let’s assume it is not 74 % but 75%, which can always happen. I am sure that, for some meeting, 100% people are bored ! Is there a real limit to annoyance?

75% x 40% = 30%. Easy no?

But … What does that mean ? It is just that, just right now, your probability to be bored, reading me, is 30%. Anyways, you are reading me during a meeting, so you are 100% bored no?

Also, considering that bored people are always the same, our #74% buzz means that these people spend 16 hours bored, by week.
  • Is this really it that you work for?
  • Is this your dream job?
  • Is this you expect from your teams?
Let’s talk about remedy now, as I consider Remedy from The Black Crowes like the best rock song ever. There is no link between the Black Crowes and our #74% buzz, don’t search anything, it is just a way for me to pay tribute to them, as they are making me sing for more than 20 years.
Can I have some remedy?
Remedy for me, please
If I'd some remedy
I'd take enough to please me

This is right, it is a buzz, everybody knows it but things do not change. So what kind of remedy can I bring to you ?
Use OmniContext Analytics, have conscience and talk.
People start to react when they have to face objective reality.
OmniContext opens doors and leave them open.

Talking about tribute, let me do a last one to Gabs, please.
Guy #1 ​Left​He does not really care​Sometimes, it is the best choice!​
Guy #2​Middle​So? What is the conclusion today?​
Guy #3​​Right​Do another meeting!​​​

Thank you Gabs, to make me laugh, that much!


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