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Sep 04
Accept, Understand and Control your communication


I am used to talk about habits and working context with professionals. The constant is communication. Most of them complain about communication consuming too much time. It is hard to stay focused on tasks.

Emails, Instant Messaging, Phone calls, Mobile phone calls, Meetings, SMS

 Who dares to say
  • they are useless ?
  • they don't disrupt your working days ?
  • they don't push you to switch task all the time ?

 As they are part of our working context and as most of us was not trained to use them efficiently, we can't say we have a choice. They are here and they will stay.

So you feel like invaded by incoming communications ? Don't panic.

First, ACCEPT them. Every one of us has to understand that communication is an inevitable and a necessary task. Who can pretend that he works alone ? Does it make sense to work alone ?

Then, UNDERSTAND them. Your habits about communication are here. OmniContext is your best option to have them, within easy reach. Start answering these questions:

  • Which tools I use ?
  • When ?
  • How much ?
  • With whom ?

They are no correct answers. Everything depend on your work to be achieved and your way of working.

Above all, OmniContext can tell you, fast, without any data input, your average time between two incoming communication. Here is mine :

Time.jpgThis number leads us to our third step. CONTROL them. Realize this number and determine an objective for it, in one month and 3 months.

And start having control. You will see, your behaviour and decision about communication will change alone.

And remember, having control on your communication is a real asset for your work.


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