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Aug 28
Save the world in your own way!

When I heard that a fifth chapter of 'Terminator' multilogy will come to the theatres this year: 'Terminator: Genisys' movie, I felt like before I go and see it, I need a refresh of all the story. 'Terminator' is one of that respectable series, in which subsequent parts come in considerable intervals (of 6 to 12 years in this case), with no worry that anyone could forget it in the meantime.

The first movie was created in 1984, when most of the people now living in this world was not yet born. Watching it was really a time-travel experience of some kind, but it was so classy and humorous, that it didn't really lost its value.  The next ones didn't disappoint in any way too. Just four of them it would be a short show, but searching for all movies, I have found a huge bonus, I wasn't aware existed: a series 'Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles' – 24 hours of first class cinematography in total, that let me stay for another week in the world of apocalypse and heroism of humans and robots.

Though it really didn't look like that, with some dose of abstraction I could say it is a family series. A hard life of a single mother, rising her teenage son (a humanity savior as she believes) and his a bit socially awkward robot sister, with some help of his soldier uncle coming from the future. Not an ordinary life, for sure, which is good for the action, rather a full time job of killing bad robots and even worse people, to save human kind (and a few good machines too).

But that view of the story made me really wonder how it would be to live such life on the brink of human existence, with a worldwide-scale problems and equal responsibility. Fortunately this is no problem for us analytics, (to know, not to live), with a great tools to observe and report reality, so let's assume that we immediately installed our favorite Personal Analytics software in one of the machines. It was done in a blink of an eye, presumably just by uploading it from the Terminator Store or whatever source  is used in that world to get a ready-to-install application.

The most interesting results we could find in My habits context, that summarize long-term findings of a lifestyle. You can find some of them in a pictures here.
What is easily seen from the analysis, life in such extreme circumstances is not a peaceful task. As the world comes to an Apocalypse, a number of incoming, probably dangerous, events grow systematically, with a crash to come sooner or later. Every day is a challenge with no chance for a stable routine, no permanent work place or even stable living location. Time to focus between events really short and no free time to rest.  So it is not surprising that most of the characters didn't last long.

Of course not everybody has to live such life. Most of us have more predictable habits – better working hours, healthier day's organization etc. You can install Personal Analytics app for yourself from the Terminator Store (or any other suitable Store) and have a look at anything that it shows about your own life. But be sure to remember that it is not set in stone what your computer machine will show you. It is what you are now. You make your habits yourself, so your future is what you make it.

One of the touchy quotes for the story that caught my mind the most, came from one of the tragic characters living in that time of approaching nuclear catastrophe, a girl's reminiscence of her youth. "My old foster parents were these '60s hippies, always talking like they were single-handedly saving the world... because they recycled."
Everyone can save the world, in his own preferable way. Just believe in that.


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