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Jul 20
My habits for lunch, at work

We work every day, every week, every year.

We receive actions to be performed.

We provide results.

We reach goals, objectives.

The way we achieve our work depends, a lot, on our habits. Habits who come from our experience, at work and during our own life.

Our habits could be defined as the most influent argument. It helps us defining ourselves at work.

Before this new feature about "My habits" came out in OmniContext TM, I had an idea, like everyone. I guess everybody know, at least, how he can organize his own work, how he reacts in a specific situation.

So before it came out, I told my work mate : "I know, I should not eat, for lunch, in front of my computer." I knew It but temptation is too strong. Lunch or Work ? Lunch less, work more ? Is this really true ? Answer this question seems hard. As far as I am concerned, I have an idea … my idea … for myself.

If you browse Internet and blog posts, you will realize fast that it is important to structure your agenda. Everybody needs to work, to lunch and then, to work and, finally to rest.  Never stop thinking about your job, does not really help. You can try and tell us, if you want.

So I had this bad feeling about lunching in front of my computer.

But after, I checked my data on "My habits" context. I realize that I was not so bad at it as I use to have a lunch break for one hour, more or less. Let's have a look at it.


Based on my data, my average 12/14 interval is not so full of work.

Which means that my lunch break allows me to save energy so I am still efficient and motivated during afternoon.

Also, I have this 8 hours interval during which nothing happens so I can have rest enough to go back at work, next day.

So my conclusion is good. My rhythm seems to in accordance with efficient work. I just need to decide to leave my computer to go to lunch in some other places. To have a real break.


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