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Jul 05
Browsing the Applenet

That should have been a dream job day! I was to browse thru a list of IT sites, checking their scope and looking for publishing possibilities. Something I do rather occasionally, not on a full day basis. The field interesting to me, so I dug into it at once after coming to work.
But soon it turned into some horror. There had to be some press conference by Apple that day or the day before, where this company presented their future plans and successes, because all of the sites that I was visiting had first pages full of the same messages and articles, with nothing but Apple Watch reviews and Apple Payment discussions. After an hour or so, when I turned from the screen, I surely had apple-shaped pupils, like some cartoon character, and I started to have nightmares about a restaurant waiter or grocery clerk that will deny the last piece of bread to me because I cannot wave an iPhone at him.
I tried to evade them, sneak down to older or alternative news but in vein - they continued to catch me in most unexpected places. I was in real need of some American military movies hero that would shield me shouting: 'No more Apple Pay! Not on my watch!'
Do not get me wrong, it was nothing against Apple company or their products. It was just that moment, that day, and maybe a bit of secret conspiracy that made other products completely unavailable to online journalists.

I somehow survived, have finished the job and went home, hoping my children will not ask me: 'Daddy, what have you been doing at work all day?', afraid that the true answer could ruin all my pedagogical efforts.
However when I looked next day at my Omnicontext™  Personal Analytics page, I saw my productivity counter showing only 58%. OK, I knew it was not supposed to be constantly at 100% as it collects not only my desktop data but also my private mobile, but after yesterday's heroic fight with internet content, I felt like I need some appreciation of my efforts.
So I had a look inside, at specific data, to see the following results:

The green bars were showing my work efforts through the day and the yellow ones time spent on personal matters. The latter ones were all over my working hours, contradicting my dedication to the task. The counted time also confirmed that, showing:
Time spent on work: 4:21:16 and on personal matters: 3:05:19.
Time spent on work during work hours: 2:39:30 and on personal matters during work hours: 2:51:39.
That was an offending assessment of my efforts, so it surely needed some correction.

I dug into my individual 'User activity types for productivity settings' of Personal Analytics and quickly reset the desktop Google Chrome application usage type from 'Personal' to 'Work' as it was the one that I was using all day for professional tasks.
I also noticed the green bars, showing mail usage on my mobile in the evening, and considering that it is my private phone, I set the e-mail application on it, '' to 'Personal' usage type.

The results were finally satisfying:

Time spent on work: 5:47:51 and on personal matters: 1:38:44.
Time spent on work during work hours: 5:22:02 and on personal matters during work hours: 0:09:07.
With general productivity during all day: 78% and during work hours: 92%.

OK, so now I can share my context with others in Omnicontext™  Personal Analytics ​:)​


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