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Jun 26
My first ever Pomodoro interval

​I read this last weeks, a lot of blog posts about multi-tasking. It was interesting, and really surprising. They were talking about me without knowing me. Take two people for example, both multi-tasking certified, they more or less equal. They can produce something different but the way to produce it is quite the same. I read Ben Slater ( and his advice about this Pomodoro technique.

No, it is only this amazing tomatoes sausage for pizzas!


So here we are. Friday 26th of June 2015, 09:52 and I want to try this Pomodoro Technique. I'll use this blog post as a diary, and let's see if I become a CPM (Certified Pomodoro Master). So ready ? Go !

First step : How to get started ? Easy.

Go to and watch this funny video on the home page ,and discover how easy it is.

Second step : My boss just sent me a new task to be done. I choose this example to start this technique. I am going to spent 25 minutes in : 

  1. Collecting information (mails and documents mainly) to have the big picture of my new task
  2. Read everything
  3. Make some notes if I have to
  4. Define how I will proceed

So let's see you in 25 minutes plus my short break to get my feedback and my conclusions.

I finished my coffee, closed all unnecessary browsers, turned off my phone, turned off my smart phone off, declared myself "busy"  on my instant messaging tool. Let's go ! It's 10:53

Now it is 11:18. Timer's out. My first Pomodoro Interval of my life. So proud of it. But now, short break time !

First impressions :

  • My colleague asked me a question. I answered it. Was I wrong? It was only 10 seconds
  • It is good, very good. I feel already relaxed because I have this feeling that something positive is happening.
  • My task is not finished. I thought it  was quicker to do. Let's go for a second round, after my short break

Let's continue.

It is 12:35 and first task finished

Good news :

  • I finished it without switching task
  • I begin to understand Pomodoro's positive effect
  • I really like these first and last steps. I have to get used of defining objectives, even if they are little ones, and to make conclusions in order to define next steps.

Bad news :

  • I needed more than 3, 25 minutes intervals, to complete this first task. Need to improve myself on planning things.
  • Forgetting my bad habits is not as simple as it seems. I trust myself, which is already good. But making myself isolated from calls, instant messaging, … requires a real effort from me

I agree. It was a short test of the Pomodoro technique. And to become a CPM, sure I'll need more experience on it. But I want to.


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