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May 29
You can forbid mails but ...

A few week ago, I met this professional. He explained to me that he's looking for some tool or way to remove mail communication from his organization. Yes. Today, some people are thinking about it. Other people already forbid mails communication on Friday. Shaking a hand is always warm, isn't it?

So you can forbid, remove, or anything you want to save time or improve your organization.

But won't you fall down in this "give with one hand, take with the other" circle?

And what about learn and, then, decide?

So, here is this imaginary person, called #Eddie having a discussion with me, about it.

  • Me : Start learning from you and your network.
  • #Eddie: Thank you. Easy to say. Every day, I send/receive a lots of mails, SMS, phone calls, mobile phone calls for my job! And, we have this Instant Messaging now. Detecting and understanding my communication network is not so easy.
  • Me : Exactly, but just imagine having a complete vision of your network, which includes all communication channels used in your organization
  • #Eddie : I would like to ! But … How?
  • Me : Just install OmniContext on your devices and connect to
  • #Eddie : That's all ? Are you kidding?
  • Me : Absolutely, that's all you have to do. Just try. Start learning :
    • Your time spent yesterday, past 7 days, past 30 days
    • Whom is spamming you and time consumed to manage spammers
    • Your main incoming/ougoing contacts
  • #Eddie : Thank you, Michel
  • Me : Then take the right decisions. Maybe you will decide:
    • not to call someone anymore
    • not to send mails on Monday
    • to define you as busy on your IM tool on Thursday.
    • Who knows ? You will. And I really doubt you will remove or forbid mails or phone from your organization.

PS : Eddie, I leave you some screenshots, just in case of, you decide to start.


Did you enjoy my schizophrenic discussion ? :-) Tell us


Great article

Great article
 on 10/30/2015 2:28 PM
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