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Apr 23
99% of employees expect home work balance

Time is money, or should I say, time was money. In 2015, time is money, but also, family, friends, sports, entertaining, art and whatever you make of your time. And don t think that every professional is ready to sacrifice his personal activities for a better incoming money. That was a trend, but now is confirmed by our Y and Z generation, highly stimulated and motivated to work and to bring new organization … for work ː

  • Free year for a personal project
  • New corporate services for employees
  • Easier contact with management
  • And, above all, home work balance

This is the most often requested by employees, home work balance. To be reached and maintained, here are some arriving habits

  • Leave work when daily tasks are done
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home

Electronic devices is one of the major facts for this change. First, they blurred frontier between professional and personal activities and caused stress and overloading. But now, they bring you control and creativity, exactly like OmniContext can bring us precise time management. To manage your work home balance, you need full control of your time in order to work on project mode and to establish a trustful relationship with your management.

OmniContext is your key tool to have to make of your new home work balance a success, your success.


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