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Apr 17
Have control on your web browsing history

Can you spend one day without browsing our World Wide Web  ? Temptation is strong, isn't it ?

  • This computer is standing right in front of you, at work.
  • Your smart phone, always ready, on your pocket.
  • A tablet waiting for you, beside your bed.
  • And, possibly, your professional smart phone, ringing, at this time, to invite you to check the last buzz.

And … Without speaking of your future connected object, received as a gift from your family, for Christmas 2015.

Let me ask a simple question.

What is your most visited web site ? Need a little help ?


OmniContext TM is sure about it and brings you exact and independent information.

Challenge yourself ! Answer this question, use OmniContext TM, and check how much you know your browsing habits !

Download now :


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