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Mar 27
Carpe diem vs procrastination

​So you feel a temptation to procrastinate in your private life ? for your work ? Did you take advantage of the special 25th of march, official procrastination day, to think about it ? We, all, have our reasons, to procrastinate and this is an interesting discussion to have, for sure.

As far as I am concerned, I remember, my father's friend, speaking about absolute procrastination for work. He told me, one day, laughing so loud, "Don't do today what you can have done by someone else tomorrow". It was so funny. I remember him always available for work, for help and for sharing his advices, experiences and knowledge.

I do not have any easy answer to give about procrastination but I really do have an opinion on work. Work is a good opportunity to share time, experiences, challenges and knowledge with people or family. And a single day is the only opportunity we, all, have to start realizing ourselves. Understanding your day pattern with OmniContext can only help you to become yourself.

And becoming yourself doesn't wait.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Remember ?

Have a good very special day, ie today


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