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Mar 23
How your location details can polish your work ?

We, all, are pretty sure, that we, all, can tell easily where we were yesterday, in our every-day life. That's sounds obvious, as well, that, sometimes, having access to details can be very helpful for your work. You may need :

  • To complete a report for your business trip, for instance, giving your exact positions.
  • To remind a specific place to tell your boss/workmates that he(they) will find a good business opportunity or a good business inspiration.
  • To, simply, justify your trip

This is, exactly, when OmniContext can bring you, automatically solutions.

Always same advice :

  1. Log in
  2. Click "My location" tile
  3. Find out some materials :
    1. Recent location
    2. Location history with kilometers traveled
    3. Details for yesterday
    4. ...
  4. Improve and polish your work

OmniContext, again, brings you what sounds obvious, but, above all, it will bring the unexpected. Start to make the difference.


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