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Latest insights and trends in Personal Analytics, Operational Intelligence, and Workplace Productivity.

May 21
Health calculations

A scientist from London Goldsmiths University, Patrick Fagan, have investigated an influence of an artistic event, like a concert, on our life and have found that 20 minutes of such emotional boost increases our well-being and happiness by 21%. It is quite a lot, because for example, yoga session of the same duration gives just 10% life comfort increase and walk with your dog only 7% of better life. So even ancient mystic relaxation accompanied by man's best friend doesn't beat what we get from joining other enthusiasts to share art performance. It is not sure if admiration of art's beauty is the key element here, community with people of similar attitude or overwhelming rush of emotions caused by the whole event.

That is not just a short-lived effect, fading before next workday's morning, because it was confirmed many times by other investigations that feeling really good let us live longer.  Meticulous calculations were performed, assessing that going twice a month to a concert give us extra 9 years of life! Nearly a decade!


I remember my times of attending concerts and music festivals frequently, but thinking of them in terms of health care, made me a bit worry. I do not think that a beer every once in a while would pose some serious threat, especially that music was always first, so consciousness have to stay unaffected, but in clubs cigarettes had to take their toll, even if I was a passive smoker only.
But when it comes to really enjoying some hard rock or metal music concerts, you have to be ready for some serious threats. If you are really into such music, then a headbanging dance is a must, not mentioning stagediving and so called crowdsurfing, when you flow on people's hands - these are experiences you never forget. Most of these, however, carry some risk of injuries and makes your brain get bruised in a skull, like you were boxing, so doctors all agree it doesn't make your life longer.
Then a noise comes and it is not limited to metal genre. Electronic music can be even louder but today almost every kind of music can be made into something you feel really deep in your bowels. It does not only cut your life shorter slice by slice, but causes hypertension that makes living the rest of it harder.
At that moment I start to wonder if some music fans would really make it, if not thanks to the lifesaving benefits of many, many events...  

Even choosing other kinds of music, more peaceful and quiet, will not surely guarantee your life length's success, as most of such events happen at evenings and staying up late, even close to dawn in case of music festivals, deprive us of sleep which is a necessary component of healthy life. On the other hand there is also a danger of choosing it too quiet and boring, resulting in falling asleep – quite a healthy thing – but losing all this tremendous effect of the artistic event.

Of course not everybody wants to live longer. Some say that it's better to have interesting life than a lengthy one. Also not all of us want to fill it entirely with music. But feeling that our days are somehow numbered high above or in our internal clock, provokes us to fight that, adding a year this way and a month other way, beating what's written for us to show we are the ones in control.

But in this case you could count this time differently, momentarily, as the measure calculates quite simple: every single concert (at least if it happens reasonably often), comes with a bonus of one full day that doesn't count to your life's expected length. It's a free day that you choose by yourself and if you enjoy the event, you can have all this day to yourself. It's yours, no matter what will happen later. Time stops, just because you have decided for something unusual and stops especially for you, from midnight to midnight. It's like a fairy tale that music plays for you.​

In the meantime scientists will discover all kinds of new gains and losses for you, Personal Analytics™ will count them and show you in predictions and totals. You will have a look at them and make them work for you. Next day. Because you have a free day. Really, fully free day out of the rest of your life.

Mar 19
How Technology Kills Productivity

The IT productivity paradox apparently does not show any signs of going away. Some of the scientists who originally coined the term have just come up with more research. This new research is now linked to AI and shows that the deceleration of productivity growth has become even worse that it was twenty-five years ago when the discussion started. The average annual productivity growth in the US was at 2,8 % in 1995 – 2004 and it dropped to just 1,3 % in 2005 – 2016.

Interestingly, most of the presented explanations are still very much the same as they were in 1993 when the same author published his first famous paper on this subject.

The core of the paradox twenty-five years ago was “mismeasurement”, which meant that the productivity actually grows but we somehow do not see it. All right, we are now in 2018, so you would think twenty-five years were enough to figure out how to measure that invisible growth? Apparently the numbers are even worse now than then, so there is no invisible growth.  At that time, twenty-five years back, the second possible explanation was seen in “implementation lags”. Now, as the “mismeasurement” theory does not hold anymore, this implementation lag becomes “the biggest contributor to the paradox”.

But this also does not stand. Twenty-five years should have been enough to start seeing at least minimal growth even given all the lags, and the only trend we see is continuing deceleration.

So, I would have a much simpler explanation for the paradox. If productivity keeps decelerating during the twenty-five years of IT implementation across all trades, shall we conclude that it is this exact factor, information technology, that causes of the deceleration?

Here are two specific examples why and how this happens.

Let us look at AI and its flagship application, which is customer service through chatbots. There is analysis​ of cost per call going down from $35 - $50 on the phone to $8 - $10 in a web chat. Looks good in the first place, but note a very revealing phrase in the same paragraph about the increased handle time of the web chat. This is not just the agent’s time; this is also customer’s time. As it increases, the customer loses more time with the service and cannot dedicate this time to own business. Among the customers of Hypersoft, we have seen organizations where employees spend on average 15 or even 30 minutes in electronic interactions with automated service and support applications. This is as much as six percent of working time lost. In fact, some vendors of chatbot software even consult their customers​ how to increase the average session length! The balance is obvious: whatever is saved on the call center agent, is lost by the customer having to spend their expensive time dealing with the bots and automated response systems.

Another example is the incredible easiness of pulling people into virtual meetings with the modern conferencing software. I know one customer where the average count of meeting participants went from 3 – 5 to 12 – 14 after they made a virtual conferencing system available to all their employees. How does it help that those 14 persons did not incur travel expenses, and is it possible to believe that an average meeting in a large company needs 14 participants? I guess the answer is obvious here.

There are many more similar situations, which we encounter daily with our Productivity Analytics. This is not proof of digital technology being always counterproductive by its nature. However, this is proof that the technology does generate substantial loss of time by keeping people busy with it, instead of doing their work. And it is not just training people how to use it right, it is the very nature of many modern productivity tools to replace work by “work-related communication”.

We plan to continue this research. There is a lot of discussion going on at business about “technology adoption”, which is somehow presumed to always be a good thing. But we need to identify all those cases when implementation of digital technology results in an increase of the total time that all involved persons need to produce the same output. We can do this quite well already with Omnicontext, and we are improving these capabilities every day. Stay tuned, there will be more insight coming from Hypersoft on this topic.

Jan 30
Personal Places
Another GPS tracking app, I guess that is what you are thinking now, right? This is not false. So why Hypersoft has just released a new app about GPS tracking? Answer is easy and it brings us some reasons to check out Personal Places as soon as possible. 

First things first, let's describe the process:

Yes, exactly, this is fast and easy. You have access to:
  • your daily journeys​
  • the daily distance you made

Hypersoft made some efforts to keep everything easy avoiding heavy configuration steps and interface manipulations.

Main screen


How and when should I use Personal Places?

  1. Past month, you went to this store, it was great, but where is it? You do not remember enough to tell to your friends or family. Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  2. You did this wonderful trail on a Sunday afternoon, you want to share it using your favourite social network? Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  3. You want to replay your vacation with your family showing them the whole journey across Europe? Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  4. You are proud of your performance you made when you went out for this running challenge. Why don't just share the distance you made with your friends? Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  5. You may want to complete your monthly activity timesheet with some journeys and distances. This is an easy and good way to show your boss your past month engagement. Answer is “Use Personal Places"
  6. You went out of your work to meet come clients. Complete your report and the results you got with the whole journey. Improve it scheduling next meetings. Answer is “Use Personal Places"

Personal Places just complete your life and your work with precise journeys and distances. Considering how easy it is to use, will you find a good reason not to use it?

Hypersoft Personal Apps Family

Personal Places is the latest release of this growing Hypersoft Personal apps family.

Jan 05
Florida remote work experience

Laptops, smartphones & Wi-Fi generalization arrived with some new work habits. Work-life balance has been shaken. Work from home, transport, beach … Wherever you can, you want, you have to. During nights, days, holidays, week-ends, … whenever you can, you want, you have to.​​

Hypersoft, as a major actor of new work trends, has to understand before anyone else how professional behave, work, evolve. This knowledge allowed Hypersoft to produce Personal Analytics, dedicated on these subjects. This precious tool helps people to understand, to control their work, keeping their freedom and flexibility. Why we should have to justify something else than our fulfilled objectives and success? Keep working as you are used to and Personal Analytics will do the rest …

Obviously, to be the first understanding these new work habits, you can use theory or your imagination. Indeed, this is a good starting point. But can Hypersoft ignore practice? Is theory or imagination effective enough to reach solid conclusions? Of course not. As always, a study is valid as long as it is based on theory and practice. That is why, to confirm theory, it has been decided to send me to Florida, to practi​ce remote work. So let's take this plane, Paris-Miami and let's experiment remote work.

How to choose a place for remote work?

  1. ​You need a solid Wi-Fi connection
  2. A quiet spot is welcomed for all intellectual activity, like public or commercial libraries or houses
  3. Social scenes is ideal for creativity, ideas and promotion
    1. Fast-foods
    2. Coworking spaces
    3. Hotels & motels
    4. Restaurants
  4. Don't forget unusual places for fun first but also for shaking habits
    1. Beaches
    2. Cars
    3. Outdoor spots

Some good and concrete spots for working

​On a plane, first feeling, you can watch movies … or … why not taking a lead on work? Such a flight, Paris-Miami offers a good time window

​Beside swimming pool with comfortable weather is a good place to start your day with a hot coffee and sometimes, cat's help
​Some more usual places could make it
​Coral Springs library offers you everything you need for any intellectual activity which requires attention
​Sarasota's public library welcomes you with Wi-fi and a quiet place to work all along the day
​Sometimes, ideas come from unusual or freaky activities …
​After a good day of work, why not start taking advantage of the sunset and relax in Siesta Key Beach ​?


Wherever you are, whenever you work, work is work and has to be done. Finally, it's more a matter of motivation, attiitude and enthusiasm. 

Remote work :
  • adds a little spice in your everyday work
  • boost creativity
  • makes you connect with people
  • shakes your habits
All of this, combined with your data inside Personal Analytics, makes you keep control and credibility.

And if you are looking for a place to remote work, you still can go to Florida ... Need some advices, feel free to contact me.
Dec 01
Personal Facts

Why Personal Facts?

Hypersoft has just released its latest app on Play Store, past week. This new app is entirely dedicated to smart phones time tracking and smart phones usage control. Indeed, don't you have one? Or maybe you have several of them? I am pretty sure that the first object you use each day is your smart phone. Just like me … right? Plus, you may be using intensively some devices for you work, all day long. For these reasons, Hypersoft decided to produce a special app focused on smart phones data. ​

So, please welcome Personal Facts



Principle remains the same and easy.​

Personal facts is easy, fast, precise


​Personal Facts makes the difference

Installing Personal Facts on all your smart phones, can you give a single and fast vision on all your devices. This fact is very important as you can measure efficiently your dependency on smart phones.



Personal Facts can send you some notifications if you use too much, from your perspective, your smart phones

Start having control


Facts and numbers

You may want to discover some interesting facts and numbers on Personal Facts site​.

Compare your self with our community​ ScreenShot2.jpg

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