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Aug 14
Omnicontext Cloud the new way of Cloud Storage

What Is Omnicontext Cloud?

Omnicontext Cloud is a new application that creates an enclosed, safe and private network among your devices without the necessity of an external online cloud service.

This means that all your data will be synched by using the free space on the device you own, with complete access and no restrictions on it.

What are the advantages of Omnicontext Cloud?

  • COSTS: You are not renting limited space on a server, therefore, you can spend as low as the price of the hardware you are using for storage, guaranteeing the lowest price-per-GB on the market.
  • PRIVACY: Cloud Services scan your files as soon as you upload them on their servers, to check for content against the terms and conditions. Omnicontext Cloud doesn't need that as we simply don't have your files. Your data belongs only to you.
  • SECURITY: If you use Omnicontext Cloud you won't wake up one day to the surprise of data loss from your cloud service because of an hackers' attack or a fire. Your personal docs, images, videos or any important data you possess exist only on your devices inside the walls of your house and nowhere else.

How it works?

Omnicontext cloud uses DNS to locate all the devices in the cloud, you can run your own DNS server or use any existing internet domain providers. At this point, the software just needs to locate a root folder to sync with the other devices.

If you don't have any of the above, don't worry, we provide a DNS service completely free of charge. ​​​And… that's it! A little Icon will show you whenever the folder is syncing and you are ready to go. Easy, right?

What's next?

Omnicontext Cloud is in continuous evolution, so expect some exciting news in the near future! Subscribe to our Socials to know what's going on in the upcoming releases.

For any additional queries feel free to contact us HERE​ or send a private message.



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