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Latest insights and trends in Personal Analytics, Operational Intelligence, and Workplace Productivity.

Jul 13
Why Personal Analytics is Good for You

Nowadays, data are driving people´s lives: people track their fitness activity with smartwatches, use app to keep track of their budgets and finances or of the kilometers they walk each day. In any case, people are now used to keep track about themselves.

Business or personal analytics collect and analyses various data and provides valuable insights about personas such as areas of interest, mobility, daily activities, behaviors, social media activities and much more. Personal analytics is particularly helpful for self-knowledge and self-tracking. As business used analytics to improve performance since many years, and lately has been used a lot for personal use.
Many time people have just a vague idea of what they are doing, in order to have a clear and explicit pattern, data must be collected, and then, the individual can easily understand what the best moves are.

Personal analytics empower people because they can learn more about themselves: it not just help them to achieve various objectives, but also to improve their quality of life through self-awareness. The individual gains power as he/she exploit his/her own data to benefit across work and life (such as productivity, exercise etc.) With the help of technology, people are able to take better decisions about their lifestyle and improve productivity in the work place or at home.  

These are the reasons why Hypersoft Company decided to develop Personal Analytics app: easy-to-use, clear and efficient. If you are struggling with improving your time management skills and boosting productivity, Personal Analytics is the right app for your needs.


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