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Latest insights and trends in Personal Analytics, Operational Intelligence, and Workplace Productivity.

Jun 15
Tips for being Super Productive

​How to be more productive is a common issue that many individuals faced or will face in their lives, our heads are full of questions about productivity that - many times - do not find an explicative answer.

The internet is filled with beneficial tips and advice on the productivity topic, but sometimes is not enough. First of all, how do you track your level of productivity? It can be tricky, you may get better day by day, but you still do not know how far you have been going.


Do you spend your time over the activities that are aligned with your goals? Or sometime you just find yourself wondering “where the time went?!"

Taking a break is also essential for your mental and physical health, but you know how much time you spend on breaks? Is it too much or is enough for you to get on track and boost your productivity?

Writing things down can be helpful sure, however, how many times have you found yourself with a perfect written plan but without results in your hands? Moreover, do you know if you achieved your objectives for the day? You are getting better every day but how do you measure your progresses?


Some questions presented above, may have not found an answer, but there are tools – thanks to technology – that can help us.

Personal Analytics is one of these useful tools: the app tracks how you spend your time, what are your important contacts, which activities are time-drainer.

Once you know – with numerical evidence – what are you doing with your time, well, it is up to you! Change habits, improve your methods, set better goals and achieve them!

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