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Aug 21
ForestApp: Time management can be fun

More and more applications appear today in attempt of digitalizing time management techniques. As a person of interest, I decided to take a closer look into latest advancements in digitalized time management and check them for myself, monitoring along the way what my Personal analytics thinks of it.

I started with exploring the Forest App ​that is gaining popularity across the web lately. It is the application based on one of the famous time management techniques. As we all know, checking the notifications or scrolling down the social media is one of the biggest time killers today. If you prone to checking your smartphone every 5 minutes for no reason and you came to realization that this is in fact  habitual/obsessive action (most likely it is), this application can be quite helpful. If you do not want to get distracted by your smartphone at least in working period, you set the worktime and the phone screen gets blocked with an image of a sprout which is to grow into majestic tree. However, if you let the temptation of using the smartphone to take over, the tree will die. Along with work time, you also set time for breaks. Usually the proportion is 30:5 minutes. You can see below that I managed to grow 11 trees in one day and am proud to say that I did not kill any virtual plant. You can also chose the type of a tree or flower to be cultivated keeping in mind that it is paid content. You gain points every time you complete work without being distracted with your smartphone and you lose points whenever you didn’t manage to conquer you desire of scrolling social media. You can install the app on Android, Apple as well as Microsoft both desktop and smartphone version. The app has free trial for one day. After that you can proceed using it for 0,99$.

ForestApp.jpgTime management.jpg 

The innovative approach of making time management into amusing game with good graphics keeps you involved and focused at the same time. The application is interesting to use and gives you determination to grow your trees into the forest, making the management of your worktime into entertaining task. What is more, while I was using Forest App, several of my productivity indicators at Personal Analytics boosted which seems to be a prove of its effectiveness.

What does your Personal Analytics think of ForestApp?


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